MOD Pizza

Efficient multi-channel ordering for America’s fastest growing chain restaurant

A full digital ecosystem

MOD Pizza launched with Koala web ordering in 2020 with great results. They were subsequently Koala’s first app partner when our app became available. The consistent experience across both channels allows guests to move seamlessly between them.

Single point of control

Koala’s CMS gives MOD a single point of control for both App and Web, making multi-channel changes easy and consistent. MOD has full control of their order experience, with easy access to make adjustments to text, imagery, marketing tags or cross-sell algorithms.

Scalable architecture for high volume

With more than 500 locations in the US and rapid expansion, MOD takes full advantage of the fully scalable architecture Koala provides. With an accelerating rate of orders per month MOD has seen a dramatic shift toward digital, and Koala has seamlessly scaled to accommodate.

Build Your Own menu structure

Koala’s BYO menu template allows guests to easily create custom Pizzas from scratch or modify toppings on MOD favorites. Product modifier images add to the experience, and a dynamic calorie count based on selected toppings gives guests the data they need.

Dynamic Cross-selling

The Koala CMS allows MOD to control dynamic rules-based algorithms for cross-sells across all channels. The rules allow MOD to surface relevant recommendations based on a guest’s cart contents. Through continued optimization, MOD has seen a 3x increase in cross-sell revenue since launch.

Comprehensive Analytics

With multiple integrations to business intelligence platforms, Koala gives MOD the ability to review guest behavior and other key metrics when and where they want. The combination of integrations with Google Analytics Ecommerce and other platforms combined with Koala’s proprietary reporting on cross-selling, conversion and other data provides a full view of behavior patterns and enables enhancements and optimizations.

An so much more...

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special instructions
custom tipping
one-tap reordering