Happy & Hale

Clean and modern design lends a rich guest experience to an up and coming North Carolina brand

A great design to match great branding

Happy + Hale’s clean and modern aesthetic comes through perfectly on the Koala web experience. Beautiful product photography and modifier images pull the site together. The result is increased conversion rates and high visit frequency.

Build your own menu structure

Koala’s BYO menu template allows guests to easily create custom Salads and Bowls from scratch or modify toppings on Happy + Hale favorites. Strong product images and product modifier images add to the experience.

Dietary preferences simplified

Full dietary preferences tagging allows Happy + Hale to tag all products and modifiers with ingredients and diet types. Guests can easily select their dietary preferences and see tagging on all products that match their preferences.

Loyalty made easy

Through Koala’s integration with Spendgo Happy + Hale offers guests a robust loyalty program. Guests are able to access all loyalty functionality through our loyalty dashboard, including points earned, rewards, messaging and more.

An so much more...

Loyalty Dashboards
saved payments
custom tipping
curbside pickup & check-in
dynamic cross-sells
one-tap reordering