Machine Learning

Reduce the time and effort required to set-up and maintain cross-sell rules.

make an impact

More revenue generated from cross-sells

Lift in average order value

Increase in orders with cross-sells

"We save a lot of time using Koala's machine learning technology to optimize our cross-sells. The experience around creating a meal has improved, along with order size."
Adam Kinsigner, Director of Technology
WaBa Grill

Create real-time, intelligent,
automated guest experiences

Scalable Recommendations Engine

Koala uses machine learning algorithms in its recommendation engine to power cross-sell functionality.

The ML models are trained on a brand-by-brand basis and offer smarter product recommendations to your guests.

Prioritize and Control

The Koala CMS allows you to control the sequence in which cross-sell rules apply - choose to prioritize ML rules before or after any manual rules.

Increase in cross-sell revenue

Through continued optimization of the recommendations engine, Koala has helped brands significantly increase revenue generated by cross-sells.
Brand Story
Unique product pairings based on cart
items, informed by purchase data
"Technology plays a major role in strengthening WaBa Grill's brand. Partnering with Koala has not only enhanced the guest experience, but also increased revenue generated by cross-sells."
Adam Kinsigner, Director of Technology
WaBa Grill