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P.F. Chang's, the renowned American-Asian bistro with over 300 locations worldwide, aimed to provide their guests with an ordering experience that aligned with their sophisticated visual identity and in-store atmosphere. Initially, they had plans to hire an agency but decided to partner with Koala instead, as the user design, cost, and time-to-launch were crucial factors in their decision.

P.F. Chang's, with a specific aesthetic in mind, recognized the importance of engaging a partner that would allow them to customize and control their online ordering experience.

Koala proved to be the perfect partner, delivering a luxurious design that matched their iconic branding. A seamless experience, including the handling of complex menu structures, enhanced cross-selling capabilities, robust integrations and much more. This has helped P.F. Chang's to maintain the elegance and sophistication of their in-store experience, online.
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Average increase in order size

Increase in monthly order volume

Increase in average monthly revenue

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Translating extensive menu to digital with ease and elegance

P.F. Chang's menu, with its extensive list of items, large-format family-style options, and many modification options, presented a significant challenge when it came to translating it elegantly to a digital format.

However, Koala's platform was up to the task, providing best-in-class handling of nested modifiers, integrated modifier counts, and strong modifier imagery that made the menu easy to navigate and customize. This has enabled guests to easily build their custom dishes and have a more satisfying ordering experience.

Seamless loyalty program experience for guests

With the integration of Koala's partner Paytronix, P.F. Chang's customers can now earn and redeem points-based rewards through the loyalty program. The full loyalty dashboard provided by Koala brings all features onto one easy-to-use interface, including new messages, award status, special offers and more.

Additionally, the fully integrated cross-platform single sign-on (SSO) allows for effortless login across all ordering channels, making the loyalty program experience more seamless for guests.
Koala allows us to control and manage our digital guest experience. We've seen a significant improvement in moving guest through the order funnel.
- Tana Davila, P.F. Chang's

Enhanced cross-selling boosts average order value

Koala's cross-selling tool enables P.F. Chang's to establish intricate rules for cross-selling based on the contents of a guest's cart.

By continuously optimizing the rules and underlying algorithms, P.F. Chang's has observed a significant increase in average order values through cross-sells. P.F. Chang's personalized and relevant product recommendations to guests increase the chances of them making additional purchases.

Robust integrations delivers exceptional user experience

The full integration with Koala's best-in-class partners not only delivers an exceptional user experience but also provides a comprehensive and robust platform for guests and commerce management. This integration allows for a seamless and efficient experience for both guests and the management team, by combining the strengths of multiple partners in one platform.

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The results

Average increase in order size
By leveraging Koala's user experience design capabilities, P.F. Chang's was able to create an online ordering platform that appeals to their guests. Koala's platform streamlines the checkout process, making it more efficient, which in turn increases customer engagement and average order size.
Increase in monthly order volume
P.F. Chang's was able to boost their order volume by implementing Koala's Reorder Widget, which streamlined the ordering process for returning guests, allowing them to quickly and easily re-place recent orders, thus increasing the efficiency and convenience of the checkout process. This is one key way that helped to drive up order volume.
Increase in average monthly revenue
By utilizing Koala's expertise in both functionality and design, P.F. Chang's was able to improve their online ordering process, resulting in a significant increase in revenue. By continually optimizing their recommendations engine, Koala helped P.F. Chang's boost revenue generated by cross-selling, resulting in a higher average monthly revenue.

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